Keeping Your Store Buzzing with Activity

Pop-Up Events with Kyckstarts

Boost Your Store Traffic with Kyckstarts Pop-Up Events

At Kyckstarts, we understand the importance of attracting new customers and keeping your store buzzing with activity. That’s why we offer exclusive pop-up events designed to drive traffic to your smoke shop or vape shop, all managed by our highly trained brand ambassador team.

An Event Worth Talking About

An Event Worth Talking About

What We Offer

Our pop-up events are a dynamic way to engage with your customers and introduce them to new products. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Event Planning and Execution: We handle everything from planning to execution, ensuring a seamless and successful event.
  2. Trained Brand Ambassadors: Our professional team of brand ambassadors leads the events, providing expert knowledge and engaging presentations.
  3. Exclusive Product Launches: Showcase the latest and most exciting products in the industry during these events.
  4. Interactive Experiences: Create memorable experiences for your customers with interactive demos, tastings, and more.

Benefits to Retailers

Increased Store Traffic

Pop-up events are a great way to draw new and returning customers into your store, boosting foot traffic and sales.

Customer Engagement

Our brand ambassadors engage directly with your customers, answering questions, providing product information, and creating a lively atmosphere.

Product Awareness

Introduce your customers to new and innovative products, increasing their interest and boosting sales.

Enhanced Store Reputation

Hosting regular events establishes your store as a hub for the latest trends and products in the alternative ingredient industry.

No Stress, No Hassle

We manage all aspects of the event, from setup to cleanup, allowing you to focus on running your store

How to Get Started

Contact Us

Step One:

Contact Us

Get in touch with our team to discuss available dates and event details.

Step Two:

Event Planning

We’ll work with you to plan the event, tailoring it to suit your store’s unique needs and customer base.

Step Three:


We provide promotional materials and support to help spread the word about your upcoming event.

Step Four:

Event Day

Our brand ambassador team will arrive, set up, and lead the event, ensuring a fun and engaging experience for your customers.

Product Launch Plan

Step Five:

Post-Event Follow Up

We’ll provide feedback and insights from the event, helping you understand its impact and plan for future events.

Why Choose Kyckstarts?

Why Choose Kyckstarts?

Kyckstarts is dedicated to helping smoke shops and vape shops thrive. Our pop-up events are designed to create buzz, drive traffic, and boost sales, all while providing your customers with an exciting and informative experience. With our professional brand ambassador team, you can be confident that your event will be a success.